Ritzy Mom Weekly Picks

Happy Tuesday! I was planning on posting my weekly Ritzy Mom Picks every Friday, however, Tuesdays really need more excitement! You know I am right since you’re most likely reading this while you should be working! Enjoy the following Ritzy Mom picks and check back next Tuesday for more.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist – $90 for 3.4 oz.


This refreshing and luxurious face mist gives me an immediate pick-me-up. And trust me, after changing Tilly’s diaper this morning, I needed a blast in the face of something, well, better than what I got earlier!  This toning and purifying mist revives my pores with such a gentle spritz. It illuminates my senses with delicate scents of Rose and Neroli, leaving a dewy glow that is purely pampering. Find it directly at Omorovicza . Also sold through Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and many more fine retailers. If you are looking for a smaller bottle, Sephora has 1 oz. for $30


Two Pendant Hand Stamped Name Necklace – $128


This is my favorite baby brag piece! I get to keep Bea and Tilly close to me while letting the world see those sweet baby names on an elegant and timeless necklace. It lights Bea up when I wear this. It is also her favorite thing to “borrow” then hide in her room! And this chain is sturdy enough that it has already lasted through a years worth of Tilly’s chubby hand grabs. Jenny Present is also from St. Louis, so here’s to supporting a local businesses that I believe in. She has gotten tons of buzz for her chic, personalized jewelry. You can find it directly on her site Jenny Present.


Essie Nail Polish in Lady Like $9


Like the name of this color states, this soft mauve is so very lady like! This is a versatile, subtle, glossy color that would look beautiful on any skin tone. My mother, in particular, hates flashy colors. So of course when I paint her nails I have always and will always use the flashiest, goriest, most hideous red I can find. I seek out and keep those bottles just to get a real gasp and an even better laugh from her. Hmm, how very unladylike of me! You can find Essie at Target or buy it directly from Essie.


SiliDog Silent Dog Tag – $19.99


Lukas wanted to model this one. So in addition to their website photo, we had to add these for Lukas’s peace of mind. He thinks all of your pets need this silent, durable, bold, fade-resistant tag. And you need this to rid yourself of that metal clinking that haunts your silent nights. Something I love about this company, as stated on their site, is they donate part of the proceeds of every sale to charities benefiting animal initiatives. Find it here Silidog.


The Lying Game: A Novel by Ruth Ware $16.18 on Amazon


I don’t get much free time to read these days. I can’t imagine why… I write this as I am kindly receiving a marker pedicure from Bea & Tilly. However, when I do sneak in some time to read I want to be engrossed in a thriller. And here is another twisty mystery from Ruth Ware. This will definitely be my beach read for our upcoming trip to Miami! Find it in hardcover here Amazon.


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*All images shown (except for the Lukas pictures) were taken from the direct websites linked to the items.