Ritzy Mom Weekly Picks

Good Tuesday Morning! I’m extremely excited about this week’s Ritzy Mom Picks!  I had a really good evening due in part to each of these Picks. They all symbiotically compliment each other. You all know my guilty pleasures involve Reality TV, Wine, and dessert. Since Bachelor In Paradise premiered last night,  let’s begin!

Barnett Vineyards 2014 Spring Mountain District – $75

We usually save this rich, decadent, smooth Cabernet that Robert Parker gives a 94 point rating to for a special occasion like a holiday. However, the juicy, scandalous, most-dramatic premiere-ever of Bachelor In Paradise seemed to qualify this year. Thanks Corinne!


While this is a wine that you can save and age for years to come, it has a luscious intensity that drinks well now after a good breathing period. We decanted this bottle to reduce the acidity and to open up the bold blackberries and blueberries. Cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, and peppers enhance and round this out. Find it here – Barnett Vineyards 2014 Cabernet.

Riedel ‘O’ Wine Decanter – $99

I’m going to sound like a broken record with my love of Riedel, but they truly know how to enhance wine with such a wide selection of items to fit your price range and wine style.


This is a perfect decanter for those wine drinkers who want an elegant yet basic decanter for different varietals. Find it here –Riedel O Decanter

Nathaniel Reid Bakery – Double Chocolate Brownie – $3

When I tell you I wake up thinking about this brownie, I mean it. I’m thinking about it right now and my stomach is growling and my body is now swaying in need of this brownie. It’s the ultimate roll your eyes back and groan confection. You must have this brownie in your life, even once. Especially to enhance a bold red wine.


Double Chocolate Brownie

Contact Nathaniel Reid Bakery today. Tell them Ritzy Mom kindly demands they overnight this to you no matter where you live! Of all the creative and genius creations Nathaniel Reid whips up and pleases me with, this is my favorite dessert of all. This is a dark chocolate indulgence layered in a crackling top crust rich with chocolate chunks leading your teeth into a dense and chewy gooey brownie that is everything you’ve ever wanted from chocolate. I am still working on my personal photography skills. So go here to learn more about this incredibly talented chef and see what this brownie really looks like in all it’s glory – Nathaniel Reid Bakery.

Bachelor in Paradise – ABC Monday’s @ 8/7c

Where to start?! This season may actually be what they promise us every season, to be the most dramatic yet. With all the singles, scandals, hot messes, hot bodies, and endless drinks how could you not watch this?! Yes, wine and chocolate will obviously compliment all the tawdry appeal! And possibly make you send out wine-induced tweets that then mysteriously get deleted…


Photo from https://twitter.com/BachParadise/with_replies


And after Raven’s hilarious summary of her date with the gorgeous yet vapid Robbie, I am voting for her to be the next Bachelorette. Just putting that out there. Find out more on Twitter or here – ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise

Technogel Sleeping Anatomic Gel Pillow – $179 (Standard) / $209 (King)

So after all the excitement it was time to wind down. We made it past 10 o’clock last night. Staying up is a terrifying and riveting adventure for us. It’s also risky considering Bea or Tilly inevitably wakes up early on the mornings after the glorious nights we throw caution to the wind like this. But we watched the entire episode of Bachelor In Paradise, and we drank fine wine, and we devoured a few brownies. And then we went to sleep on a couple of these Technogel Pillows.


I have tried so many pillows. I have an entire cedar closet filled with those pillows that I found too hard, too soft, too flat, too lumpy, etc. I promise there are no mama, papa, or baby bears included in this hunt for pillow perfection! We went into our local Relax the Back and the pillow salesman pulled out a vast selection. He even allowed us to try out a trial pillow. I went back a few times before settling on this one. It cradles my head and neck without being so hard that it gives me a headache or being too soft that you feel sunken into oblivion. It has not lost shape or power yet after several months. Find more info here Technogel® Sleeping Pillows 2015 Line (Deluxe Thin Queen Pillow)