Sweet or Spooky? Halloween Trinkets For Smiles or Screams!

It’s time to get excited for Halloween  parties, and all of the jokes, pranks, bad puns, laughter, and screaming that will happen at your bootiful gatherings! Whether you’re feeling Sweet or Spooky this year, here are some fangtastic trinkets to get your family and friends into the spirit of this holiday and having a bloody good time!


Sweet – Bits and Pieces Adorable Ghost Salt & Pepper Shakers – $9.98


These adorable salt and pepper shakers even hug, they are that friendly! White and black colors easily distinguish the salt from the pepper. These high gloss ceramic shakers are sure to get oo’s not boo’s! Find them here–  Bits and Pieces – Adorable Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers – Fun Black and White Ceramic Shaker Set – Spooky Kitchen Accessories

Spooky – Vandor Lock, Shock, and Barrel Salt & Pepper Set – $18.45


Creepy yet intriguing! These are so unique and a great conversation piece. Hand painted and intricate, this set even comes in a gift box for easy storage and gifting. Find it here – Vandor Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock and Barrel Salt and Pepper Set (55503)


Sweet – Crate & Barrel Halloween Ghost Melamine Treat Bowl – $19.95


New this year! Let these whimsical ghosts haunt and amuse all those that reach for the bounty. Once the bowl is empty BOO will be found printed at the bottom. Find it here-Find at Crate & Barrel

Spooky – Animated Skeleton Hand in Cauldron – MOTION ACTIVATED! – $19.99

Get ready to literally catch the candy goer’s attention and get a scream! This hand is activated by motion and will grab the person trying to get the goods! Find it here – Skeleton Hand in Cauldron Motion Activated Animated Candy Bowl – 9″W x 2.5″H


Sweet – Decora Halloween Shaped Confetti – $7.99


With eight different patterns including spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, spiderwebs, skulls, bats, flying witches and spirits, this colorful and bright confetti is perfect for table settings. Find them hereDECORA Plastic Confetti Multi-shaped Glitter Colorful Confetti for Halloween Party Table Decoration and DIY Craft 100 Grams

Spooky – Fake Plastic Spiders – $12.99


Fake spiders always bring me back to screaming and tears from a fifth grade sleepover, were I cheekily hid these in sleeping bags of every girl at a party. I thought it was hilarious. They did not! The point is, spiders are scary! Throw these anywhere and everywhere you want a shriek! Find them here – Realistic Fake Spider Tricky Prank Bugs Verisimilar Plastic Toys Halloween Props Small Size Black Pack of 200


Sweet – Nightmare Before Christmas Operation – $26.82


Another hand crafted item from Vandor, this detailed and creative board game was inspired by the legendary Operation and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. This is such a unique and awesome game that it is fitting for Halloween and then can be brought back out at Christmas time. Who doesn’t love board games anytime there is a group gathering?! Find it here – Nightmare Before Christmas Operation

Spooky – Animated Haunted Ouija Spirit Board – $28.94


Spirits, hauntings, the other realm, it all gets the chills and fascination going through your mind, body, and soul. Spirit boards are scary yet alluring at any age. At another sleepover we were tempted by the Ouija. It moved. We screamed and ran out of  the house.  Ahh memories! This Animated Ouija Spirit Board will terrify players and leave lasting memories as it moves on its own! Complete with lights and sounds. Find it here – Animated Haunted Spirit Ouija Board With Lights & Sounds


Sweet– Personalized Wine Labels – $9.75


Personalized items are always a welcome and thoughtful touch. These wine labels from Personalization Mall will allow your Halloween creativity to flow! Find them here – Personalize Wine Labels at Personalization Mall

Spooky – Armida Winery Poizin – $25


Well…you have no idea what you are drinking! It looks like wine, says Poizin, you get the spooky idea! Armida Wines calls it “The Wine to die for”! It sounds like it is spicy and bold, perfect for a Halloween Hostess! Find it here – Armida Wines – Poizin.