Soft & Chewy Ginger Cookies: Crinkle & Traditional Styles

crinkle ginger cookie

The air is chilly, and inside, our fireplace has it’s first blaze of the season. It feels like the Holidays are nearing. That means Holiday Cookie Time begins now! Yes, it gets a title of it’s own. Holiday Cookie Time is that important! But you all know that! Saturdays are Continue Reading


Butternut Squash Bread Pudding & Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

The holidays cannot go on without a sticky, warm, bourbon glazed bread pudding. I insist on this! And as much as I love pumpkins and all of the craze that goes with them, I’m shining my light on the underrated butternut squash. And let’s face it, the butternut squash is Continue Reading


Review of Glasstic Shatterproof Water Bottle (Video Tutorial Included)

Can this Glasstic shatterproof water bottle handle my hectic life? I am a water obsessed mom. I carry a bottle of water with me at all times. I have also been know to pop out of nowhere with water for various family members! I believe in staying hydrated! I made the switch to glass bottles a few Continue Reading


Dark Chocolate Brownies

dark chocolate brownies

I love chocolate. Let me clarify. I love dark, decadent, rich, smooth, indulgent chocolate. Get it? Good! Let’s get to baking these gooey dark chocolate brownies that will make you groan in guilty pleasure with your very first bite. Making brownies is a simple and quick process that yields the most Continue Reading


Creative Ways To Use Leftover Wine

chocolate covered wine bottle

Leftover wine? Red, white, or sparkling, don’t throw that last bit out! From candy  to cleaning, here are the best ways you should be using your leftover wine. And waste not, that empty bottle and corks can be recycled in creative ways too! Mulled Wine As the weather turns cold and Continue Reading


Vanilla Frosted Soft Sugar Cookies

Imagine a soft, fluffy, chewy cookie which tastes like birthday cake and cheesecake got married, adopted a sugar cookie and lived in bliss! It’s Bea’s turn to take in snack tomorrow. That’s a big deal in her class, as she will get the coveted daily leader position! So of course Continue Reading


Bea Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies! Video

In this fun video, my three year old, Bea, gives you a tutorial on how to bake Chocolate Chip cookies! This goes along with my recipe for chocolate chip cookies. That recipe is linked at the bottom of this post. Bea used my KitchenAid for this adorable video tutorial. Baking Continue Reading


Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

french press coffee

Saturday mornings are made for enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee. If you have kids, this coffee may not be as leisurely as you hope for, however, it should still be perfectly brewed and thoroughly enjoyed! It is the weekend after all, and you deserve a blissful morning pick me Continue Reading


Pumpkin Pancakes

pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes are the definition of a brisk Fall morning. Bea and I woke up early just to make these for you today. Translation, Bea came bounding into our bedroom at 5 am still on a high from her pumpkin patch field trip and excitedly screamed, “Mommy, let’s cook something with Continue Reading


8 Sinful Halloween Cocktails

Signature cocktails will give your eerie gatherings a touch of elegant mystery. Creative minds and bloggers across the internet have concocted the most magical boozy brews you can imagine, and here are my picks for the most gorgeous and sinful of them all! Midori Spider’s Kiss Vodka Cocktail A cocktail really can Continue Reading