Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

french press coffee

Saturday mornings are made for enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee. If you have kids, this coffee may not be as leisurely as you hope for, however, it should still be perfectly brewed and thoroughly enjoyed! It is the weekend after all, and you deserve a blissful morning pick me up.

When my mother still lived in St. Louis she would come to our house for our special weekend coffee. She would strategically show up exactly when that french press that she gave me was about to be poured. Now that she moved out West, she needs to know how to do what I do, so Mom, this tutorial is for you!

You will need: coffee beans, water, a French Press Coffeemaker, measuring devices, and a stirrer (like a wooden or glass skewer).

The beans are clearly the heart of an aromatic, flavorful, fresh cup of coffee. Many local roasters will let you know the coffee roast date. Ideally, you want to find coffee that has been recently roasted. Our local Whole Foods carries several amazing local brands. One of our favorites is Blueprint Coffee. More on this amazing company later!


Water temperature is what else will determine how perfect your brew will be. So you want to use a Kettle that gives you the specifics. 200 degrees is the temperature you want for French Press. Fill it up with filtered water and get that heating.


When you measure out your coffee beans you want to decide what strength you’re going for. Of course I’m going to relate this to wine! If you like a medium bodied Pinot Noir, then you’re going to measure out 8 tablespoons of coffee into a coffee grinder. For those Cab lovers, you may like it a bit stronger with richer flavor like we do, so go for 10 tablespoons.

When choosing a coffee grinder, I like one that will tell you what you are getting from your grounds. A Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder will give you the exact grind options you need.

When it is ground it will look coarse like this.

Put your 8 or 10 tablespoons into a French Press. Then take a measuring cup that will yield 6 oz. or 3/4 cup. Pour 12 oz. of coffee over the grinds. Then give it a stir so it incorporates and wait about 60 seconds.

Then pour out another 12 oz. of the hot water. This is going to be amazing!


Now put the lid over the coffee, careful to rest the strainer part onto the coffee without plunging. Set a timer for 4 minutes.

When the timer goes off plunge! Gently and slowly, of course. Then pour out your blissful cup, let cool to your perfect drinking temperature, and enjoy!

 Coffee with a view is even better!



8-10 Tablespoons coarsely ground coffee

24 oz. filtered water at 200 degrees


Heat 24 oz. of filtered water in an electric kettle to 200 degrees. Measure out 8-10 Tablespoons of coffee and grind using a french press/coarse setting on your grinder. Put ground coffee into your french press and pour 12 oz. of the hot water on top. Give a gentle stir with a wooden or glass skewer and wait 60 seconds to incorporate before pouring the other 12 oz. Place lid on, resting strainer on top of liquid. After 4 minutes plunge, pour, and enjoy!

This will give you approximately two full mugs of piping hot, delicious, aromatic coffee. For a larger serving you can use a larger French Press. Try this one –Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 12 Espresso Cup, 51oz, Chrome.

Tip- to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible, remember to store them in an airtight container like this one –OXO Good Grips Airtight Coffee POP Container (1.5 Qt).

About Blueprint Coffee:

I love using local products and ingredients. Blueprint Coffee is a coffee bar and specialty roaster located in St. Louis, MO. They have select coffees and teas, roasting schedules, the works! This is a coffee lover’s heaven. Check them out here – Blueprint Coffee.

Have a good morning!