Creative Ways To Use Leftover Wine

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Leftover wine? Red, white, or sparkling, don’t throw that last bit out! From candy  to cleaning, here are the best ways you should be using your leftover wine. And waste not, that empty bottle and corks can be recycled in creative ways too!

Mulled Wine

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As the weather turns cold and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and anise will be in your pantry, try using this  Mulled Wine Recipe.  The spices will bring you into the spirit of Fall, while the wine concoction will have you sipping your way to a cozy bliss. Add that optional nip of Brandy for an extra depth of flavor and warmth. Want to take this even further? Reduce it down to a spicy syrup that can top your ice cream or cake.



With Resveratrol, rich antioxidants, and calming benefits, red wine makes a quick skin pick-me-up. Add a few tablespoons to a cup of Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel and crush in some rose petals for a luxurious mask to get you on your way to radiance.  Or try this Red Wine Facial from Dr. Oz.

Freeze it


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Use your imagination and an awesome recipe like this one Peach and White Wine Sorbet by Wholefully to use your leftover wine in frozen treats. Or take an ice cube tray and freeze wine into portions that will be ready to use when you need some for cooking. Or try making sangria style Popsicles like these – Raspberry Sangria Popsicles.



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If left long enough, wine turns into vinegar anyhow, so why not keep it to make a dazzling vinegar yourself.  Try using a homemade Champagne Vinegar as the base for marinades, dressing, and more! Simple recipe- mix 1/2 Cup of Olive oil with 1/4 C. wine vinegar (made from your leftover red, white, or sparkling), salt & pepper, and anything else that sparks your saucy mind! Try this one from Epicurious.

Stain Remover  & Cleaner


Did you know that the acidity and alcohol in wine makes for ideal cleaning agents? Spilled some red wine? That leftover white can remove those stains. You can even use it as a cleaning agent for grease and grime. Use caution as the acidity can damage some surfaces like granite. Check the web for how-to’s!



All you need for incredible homemade wine jelly is your leftover wine, pectin, lemon juice, butter, and fruit! Check out this Pinot Noir Red Wine Jelly from Creative Culinary. Bring it out with your charcuterie spread, use on toast, make boozy jam cookies, or eat a delightful spoonful right out of the jar.

Candy Infusion


Yes, this can happen! All you need to do is soak your gummies in wine overnight, or do it all yourself Wine Gummy Bears Recipe. What a great teacher’s gift or awesome way to thank someone in your life! Either way you serve them, these wine infused treats will be appreciated and raved about.



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Saute, roast, baste, and use in your gravy. Red, white, and sparkling wine has so many options when it comes to cooking. A fall favorite is Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs from Bon Appetit. Ever tried boiling pasta in wine for extra flavor? Just add a couple cups of wine to that water for some drunk and extra flavorful pasta.



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I can’t really think of anything except eating this cake! Wine will bring your desserts to the next level! Find this recipe here – Naked Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Icing and a Red Wine Reduction.

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#Wine! Get creative and take pictures with your leftover wine. Use landscape from your own backyard, splash that wine, or use your white wine toasts to show your celebrations from a new view. Let the photo fun begin!

The Empty Bottle


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And now that you’ve used up all of that wine, do something creative with that empty bottle! Cover in chocolate, use as a vase, utensil holder, top with a Tea Light Holder , whatever your wine loving mind can come up with.

Wine Corks


And don’t forget those corks! Use them for  Wall Décor , Home Displays, keychains…you get the idea! Want to be really inspired? Check out this-Wine Cork Holder Chandelier. There is even a  Wreath for this!

Lesson Learned? Wine is THE BEST!

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