Review of Glasstic Shatterproof Water Bottle (Video Tutorial Included)

Can this Glasstic shatterproof water bottle handle my hectic life?

I am a water obsessed mom. I carry a bottle of water with me at all times. I have also been know to pop out of nowhere with water for various family members! I believe in staying hydrated!

I made the switch to glass bottles a few years ago for several reasons. I love the clean, natural, clear, untainted taste of fresh filtered water that comes from our purifying system. Glass is what is going to keep your beverages pure tasting and free from BPA, lead, and other toxins that may come from plastic bottles.

The main problem I have with glass bottles, even those wrapped in sleeves? They break! A lot! Let’s face reality. Life is hectic. The bustle of everyday activities, kids, pets, your own memory, can get the best of you each day. I have left bottles on top of my car, hastily pulled them out of my stroller console only to drop them while on a run, and of course, my dear little daughters steal all of my things. And those sticky fingers can be clumsy! In all instances, the water bottles I am using at that moment break when they fall, are dropped or mishandled, or sometimes when I look at them wrong. Ok, maybe not the last one, but it feels like that sometimes! Then I am faced with the aftermath, which includes cleanup and disposal of broken glass, and then having to buy a new bottle.

So when Glasstic Bottle Co. sent me their 16oz. Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle in Pink to try out and review, I got really excited! I knew that my busy daily life and my sticky fingered cuties would put this bottle to the test!

My Glasstic water bottle arrived only two days after they emailed me! The first thing I noticed was that this glass bottle came in surprisingly simple packaging without much support to cushion it. As you can see, it came in a USPS Priority Padded Envelope. The glass bottle was wrapped in a thin plastic packaging and was then rolled in a layer of brown paper. It was set beside a roll of brown paper in the envelope. So immediately I knew that this Glasstic bottle really must be sturdy and shatterproof as the company claims, as I cannot imagine a normal glass bottle arriving in perfect condition like this.


As you can see from the hanging tag, the 16 oz. Glasstic bottle has a leak-free flip cap, is 100% shatterproof, BPA/Toxin free, Eco-Friendly, comes in an array of colors, and is double walled. In addition to it’s first impression, this bottle is also dishwasher safe, which I was happy to learn as I got to the major instructions. From their website I found out that there are also several designs to choose from, as well as, an option to change and customize the style of this bottle as your mood and style changes! Glasstic Bottle Co. also provides a lifetime warranty and free parts replacement, which is an awesome bonus!

Here are some views of the bottle prior to use.

The flip cap bends all the way, so it won’t hit your nose while drinking. You know that’s happened to you too with some bottles! The grip attachment on the back will move to where you need it go as well. The bottom is sturdy, and seems safe for all surfaces.

So let’s use this!


To remove and read the actual instructions, you will need to disassemble the bottle. However, to disassemble this bottle it’s important to read the instructions! So that is why I made a video for you. See below!

Here is a video showing you how to disassemble and reassemble the bottle.

After it is all apart, it will look like this.


IMG_3457There are detailed instructions that you peel off. To wash the bottle, you will need to take it apart completely, which means removing the three silicon rings. The rings are on the top cap, the bottom cap, and the neck of the glass bottle insert.



The bottom cap and glass insert silicon rings were easy to remove. The top cap ring on the other hand, is tricky to get a grip on and remove. It did take me awhile to get this out. Overall, a minor inconvenience for a sanitary, leak proof bottle. Note that it is essential to remove these rings prior to cleaning. You want to make sure that dirt and water won’t get trapped under the seals and turn into mold, bacteria, or something else funky. You also want to hand-wash these rings even if you put the rest of the parts into the dishwasher. This will keep them in top shape and so on.

To clean this bottle you have the option of the dishwasher (for all parts except the silicon rings) or hand washing. For the dishwasher option, I put the glass and plastic bottles into the bottom of my dishwasher, then the parts on the top.

If you choose to hand wash, just use a bottle brush or one that fits and can get to the bottom. Glasstics offers a package deal that includes 3 Shatterproof Bottles & 2 Bottle Brushes. Drying is just as easy. I rolled up a paper towel pushed it around inside.


I like knowing that my entire bottle is getting cleaned without too much fuss. With other glass bottles that have silicon sleeves, an issue that bothers me is that dirt gets trapped under the silicon parts. I have found random coffee grouns or flecks of something after running it through the dishwasher. Even when I would remove the sleeve to wash that separately, I would have a very difficult time with reassembly and getting that silicon sleeve back on. So the care of this Glasstic Bottle was much easier and more sanitary than the usual glass/silicon bottle I have used before.

Reassembly is simple.  Just remember to put those three silicon rings back on!

Now for the real fun. Let’s test this out!


I filled this and added some ice. Note that double walled does not mean this bottle is insulated. So the ice melted immediately. This bottle isn’t going to keep your drinks cold.


The lid does have a locking feature.


I love this locking mechanism! It keeps the water inside and keeps unwanted visitors from my bottle. Well, kind of…



However, the big test of this Glasstic Shatterproof bottle is if it shatters! So I let these sticky fingered cuties do their thing!

Bea wanted to add some flair to her bottle walk, so she donned some high heels for extra wobble!


She dropped it and it landed upright and in tact. Then Tilly went for the grab.


And she ran.


And she didn’t just drop this. She’s under 2 and she likes to throw everything.



Even with impact, this bottle stayed in tact. No leaking or breakage or shattering so far.

Then for further research, she gave it to Lukas. These three are a trifecta of trouble and destruction in this household! This bottle has so far outlasted all three of these musketeers.


But how else do my bottles usually shatter?

When I go for walks and runs with the girls, I put my bottles in the console. This bottle fit about the same as others. The only difference is that it’s slimmer, making it better for car cup holders than some bottles with a wider design. First, let me show you how this fits in both the car cup holder and the stroller console to give you an idea of the slim design.

Our stroller console is a bit flimsy, as you can see. I’m sure this is for folding reasons and more, however, I once had a bottle get stuck while pulling it out then fall on the sidewalk and shatter everywhere. The Glasstic didn’t get caught since there is some room to spare. It stayed in throughout a run, and I did do a quick drop test where the last one broke and my Glasstic performed well.

And then ,the car test!


So ignoring the kid smudges all over my car, let’s think about life for a second. When I’m putting the kids in their cars seats I have a habit of sticking something on top of the car. I have broken many things this way. And not at high speeds or anything crazy. I mean just backing out of our garage and the driveway. And with broken glass everywhere, you really can’t wait to clean it. That can set your day off. So… Did it shatter?


Nope! It had some slight scuffing on the plastic, but it did not break, shatter, or leak!

I do want to make a distinction that this bottle isn’t completely unbreakable, It is shatterproof. What does that mean?  If the glass had broken in any of these situations, the huge attraction to this bottle, is the shatterproof feature. This means that if the glass insert was to break, it won’t get glass anywhere because it would be contained in the plastic shell. That eliminates time consuming clean up and is a huge plus for safety issues!

What I love about this bottle

This bottle is definitely a keeper for me! I would gift this to my family and friends. The features that stood out, besides this being shatterproof, are the following.

The Spout

The spout has a design that doesn’t protrude up too high. This makes it very easy to drink out of and get the right amount of water flow going. I liked that you can rest your lower lip on the lid while drinking.

Locking Lid

The locking feature is such an added benefit! I have never had a water bottle with this feature, and I found myself using it a lot for added security against leaks. I often put water bottles in my purse for convenience. This has led to mold and damage to previous designer bags. I’m not as worried about that happening with this bottle.

Overall Look

This such an attractive, bold bottle. A pleasant surprise was how much my 3 1/2 year old was drawn to this bottle. She wanted to drink out of it constantly. That is wonderful since I always want my kids drinking more water. And it was easy for her to handle. I wasn’t worried about her little teeth getting hit with a hard spout or any water spilling. It actually makes a great kids cup. As I said earlier, you can order an array of colors and also customize your bottle with designs of your choice to add some pop.


Glass bottles like this one offer you fresh and clean water that won’t get tainted by BPA and other toxins. It is also fairly easy to dissemble and clean this thoroughly, which will of course keep your drinks pure. This is a bottle you can use to infuse your water with fruit and even essential oils and all you will taste is what you add in yourself.


This bottle stood up to a lot of tests I put it through. I also loved that it didn’t slip from my hand when I got sweaty after a workout. I tried letting it slip and my hand caught on the neck of the bottle, so that was great. The handle moves to where you want it, so you can hold it that way as well if you need to.

My bottle did not break, although, as previously stated, it is possible for this to break. On the website, they explain how the main difference of this glass bottle is that it is double walled with a plastic bottle outside of a glass one, making it shatterproof. If the glass does break, all of the shards and mess will be contained in the plastic wall.

I love my new Glasstic bottle. I am excited that I had the opportunity to review it, and I hope that you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

*Please note that this review was in exchange for a product and does include affiliate links.

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