5 Kitchen Essentials For Fall

kitchen tools

So much preparation, detail, and love will go into your scrumptious Fall dishes. Here are the essential kitchen tools to assist and showcase your epicurean artistry!

All-In-One Box Grater – $9.99

A natural and innovative way to kick up the flavor and look of your dishes is by using shredded fruits, vegetables, cheeses and freshly grated spices.


Be inspired!  Local St. Louis restaurants like Vicia have “vegetable forward” cuisine. My husband raves about their elegantly presented turnip tacos, which, as you guessed, uses a zany root vegetable slice instead of a traditional shell. Let your own creative genius shine by using an all in one tool that get you shredding, slicing, grating, and mincing, all while saving space by being an all-in-one!

What I love about this premium 6 sided box grater is that you have a coarse grater, a medium grater, fine grater/mincer, shredder, and two different slicers all in one item. No more looking for scattered or missing tools in the middle of cooking! Zucchinis, apples, squashes, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, and more of your seasonal favorites are ripe for the picking and waiting for your creative genius!

Find it here-Premium 6- Sided Box Grater With Green Accents | Shredder, Zester and Grater in One | Hand Slicer 6-in-1 for Your Kitchen | Strong Design With A Metal Handle Non Slip Bottom


 Meat Thermometer – $13.99 &  Candy Thermometer – $22.99

While you can certainly use the same thermometer for both meats and candy, I prefer separate ones. The first thermometer I listed can be used interchangeably, if that is what you prefer.

Be inspired! Did you know that there are several kinds of buttercream? American, Italian, French, German… Use a candy thermometer to wow your guests and family members with a French buttercream, which boils granulated sugar and water to 230 degrees before incorporating into whipped egg yolks. The result is an indulgent and not as sweet buttercream that will have your guests showering you with amour!

Succulent, juicy meats and festive, beautiful desserts should be the stars of your table. Thermometers are essential for proper preparation. What I love about the Meat/ Food Thermometer is how fast it is, it’s foldable, and hygienic. Find it here –

Meat Thermometer,IEKA Electronic Digital Food Thermometer with Instant Read and Probe for Kitchen Cooking, Grill, BBQ, Milk, Candy and Bath Water(Red)

What I love about the programmable Candy Thermometer is the high temps it can reach and give you an accurate and large digital reading. It has an essential clip-on feature with sounds alert warnings before, during, and at key temperatures in the candy range. Find it here-

CDN DTC450 Digital Pre-Programmed & Programmable Candy Thermometer


Silicone Spatula Set – $13.99

With all of the scraping, sautéing, and stirring you will be doing, you need heat resistant and versatile tools like these Silicone Spatulas (set of 4).


Be inspired! Spatulas can be used for lifting, flipping, spreading, smoothing, transferring food, and so much more.

What I love about this set is that being silicon, these spatulas can be used up to 480 degrees! In the bold red color of the season, these are antibacterial, durable, and comfortable. Added bonus, they come in different sizes, so your tiny helpers can have their own and stop stealing yours! Find the set here-

ZOER Premium Silicone Spatula Set (4 Piece) in Hygienic Solid Coating – Heat Resistant Baking Tools (Cherry Red)


Kitchen Blow Torch – $17.99

Here is the kitchen essential you had no idea you needed, but you will be so excited when you have it! Get ready to impress and have so much fun!


Be inspired! Showcase your inner pastry chef by caramelizing a crème brulee, adding some torched glam to your meringues, and searing those marshmallows!

What I love about this tool is how easily it takes your dishes up a notch with magical elegance. This is what you need for professional finishing touches! This blow torch has safety features, a lifetime guarantee, and an adjustable flame. Note- this torch does not come with the butane so purchase it locally or use the link below. Find it all here –

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch | Refillable Cooking Kitchen Blow Torch With Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame | For Pastries, Desserts, Crème Brûlée, Brazing, Soldering, Camping, Welding & More

Butane – Zippo Butane Fuel, 42 gram


Silicone Brush Set for BBQ & Pastry – $6.99

Baste and glaze in style!


Be inspired! The upcoming seasons are all about artful food and daring flavors. Whip up a batch of apple hand pies and make them shine! The fruit pies and cakes you will be creating will need an egg wash or glaze. Pastry brushes will provide that delicate touch and even distributing.

What I love about this set is how you get four vibrant colors. Cook with all four while knowing which brush goes with your poultry or pastry. These are dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and have a 1 year warranty.  Find them here –

Pastry Brush Silicone, X-Chef BBQ Brushes Basting Brush Set Heat Resistant for Kitchen Cooking Grilling, Dishwasher Safe (Set of 4)