Butterscotch Birds Nests

Butterscotch Birds Nests

Spring is in the Air, Easter is around the corner, and baby birds are chirping everywhere I turn! I took my cue from nature and decided that it’s definitely time for Butterscotch Birds Nests!

Coincidentally, this happens to be Academy Award season. As you can see from my Trending page, I’m taking inspiration from Oscar nominated movies and creating special treats for your Oscars snack tables. With a mother/daughter theme,  Lady Bird (2017) ties together with these little Butterscotch Birds Nests, and would delight everyone! And they only take about five minutes to make! Get the full video demonstration on my YouTube channel Full Recipe Video Demonstration!.

Let’s Spring Into Action!

Spring is a time for bright colors, animals, eggs, and special candy that only appears this time of the year. As you can see, these Butterscotch Birds Nests are topped with mini chocolate eggs.


There are only a few steps to these Butterscotch Birds Nests.

Butterscotch Chips

First, melt your butterscotch chips in a large bowl. I microwaved mine until melted. Be sure not to overheat, as they burn easily once hot. Stir after 30 seconds and repeat as necessary, but you should not need to go over a minute.

Check out my handy video screenshot from my YouTube! It will be smooth and melted, and you will be in sweet butterscotch bliss as the warm aroma wafts up!

Melted butterscotch chips

Peanut Butter

Second, you will stir in a huge dollop of creamy peanut butter. Since you will have a great deal of texture and crunch in these nests, stay away from chunky peanut butter. Also, using butterscotch and peanut butter will give you the perfect birds nest color. When mixing flavors and colors, you want to keep in mind how well it all melds together for your final result. As you can see, I am extremely excited about the sweet combination of butterscotch and peanut butter!

Peanut Butter and Butterscotch

Chow Mein (Or Pretzels)

Third, it’s time for your twigs. And it’s also decision time! You can go with either chow mein noodles or broken up pretzels. If you go with pretzels, choose the large and thin twists so you get the bends and sizes that chow mein noodles give you. The bends, texture, and twists are what ultimately create the birds nest look.

Dump in about 6 oz. of either chow mein noodles or broken up pretzels pieces. Then stir it until all mixed and each piece is coated with your butterscotch and peanut butter mixture.

stir chow mein into butterscotch

Create The Nests

Then comes the fun part, creating your Butterscotch Birds Nests! This will give you 6 nests, so scoop equal servings out onto wax or parchment paper.

Making birds nests

After all of your birds nests are scooped out ,take your fingers and shape them into nests as needed. Push down the middle part to make a well for your birds eggs.

Use fingers to make nest

Then take about 3-4 mini chocolate eggs and fill your nests.

mini chocolate Easter eggs

Now just let your adorable Butterscotch Birds Nests dry for at least 2 hours before serving. They will peel right off of your wax paper.

Butterscotch peanut butter birds nests with mini chocolate eggs

Butterscotch Birds Nests

Prep Time: 5 minutes/ Servings: 12 individual nests

Use my YouTube Demonstration that goes along with this post! FULL VIDEO DEMONSTRATION HERE!


  • 1 10 oz. bag of butterscotch chips
  • 1 cup of creamy peanut butter
  • 6 oz. chow mein noodles or broken pretzel pieces
  • mini chocolate eggs like Cadbury or M&Ms


  • In a large and microwave safe bowl, melt down butterscotch chips. Go in 30 second intervals and mix after each. Once you reach one minute they should be melted completely. If not, heat at 10 second intervals. Do not overheat or the chips will burn.
  • Add one cup of creamy peanut butter to the melted chips and mix well.
  • Add your Chow Mein Noodles and coat thoroughly.
  • Scoop out even dollops onto wax or parchment paper so you get 12.
  • Use fingers to push middle down to form nests.
  • Fill with your eggs.
  • Let cool and set for at least 2 hours.


  • You can also use peanut butter chips melted down instead of butterscotch. If you do this, substitute out the peanut butter with one cup of melted down white chocolate chips.
  • Yogurt Raisins also work for mini eggs!

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