Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s almost time for Mother’s Day! One of my Ritzy Mom Readers, Carrie B., emailed me last night and asked if I would put up a Mother’s Day list of gadgets and gifts like I used to do for other holidays. Thanks, Carrie, this was a great idea! And you get an extra post this week! So let’s get started on our Ritzy Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide! This gift guide has some of my favorite things. Hmm, maybe I need to make a video of this one so I can live out an Oprah fantasy, “You get a necklace! You get a necklace!” Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let’s get back to ritzy business, ha!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

One note before we get started on a couple issues that arose over Christmas. Items that appear on gift guides during holidays like this often sell out quickly. If any of these links stop working because the item sold out, just let me know and I’ll suggest something else if needed. Also, I may add to this if I think of something extra.

Mama Bear Shirt – $21

mama bear shirt

Grant is obsessed with getting me shirts whenever he travels, or for any occasion at all. It’s quite sweet. However, I have about a hundred different pink ones that look exactly the same, except for the city logo where they are from! I have two huge drawers devoted to thinking pink! I now sometimes groan when he gets back from a trip and excitedly says, “I got you something”! When he gave me this “Mama Bear” shirt from Silly Willy’s Boutique ETSY, I wasn’t prepared for how cute it would be! The fabric is such high quality that the shirt has not shrunk or faded in one year. And we have one of those monster dryers that leaves us looking like we are eternally in odd looking capris that used to be real pants! I get compliments every time I wear this. The best is when I get them when he’s with me because that man glows and says, “See!” every time! So Dads, daughters, sons, and friends, this is a Mama Bear’s favorite thing for years and years to come. This is a shirt I am sure will appear on more than one Mother’s Day Gift Guide articles out there, however, this particular Etsy store has very high quality clothing and printing.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide is not complete without this beauty!  If Mom doesn’t already have one of these, it’s time to get her one! Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give a stand mixer to the one you want to shower with appreciation. I cannot live without my stand mixer. I use it most of my recipes and videos, almost daily. It’s so versatile. As you may have noticed from my posts, you can use this from making Homemade Pasta to ice cream to Lemon Elderflower Cake, to grinding fresh meat. Take a look at these attachments too! Even Bea could use this stand mixer since the time she was 3! Bea Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies! Video

Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics – Ina Garten 


Those of us who cook have favorite chefs, and Ina Garten is one of mine This is an early cookbook from 2008, and one that I received from a dear friend for my bridal shower. I love this cookbook! Ina uses fresh, simple ingredients to create elegant dishes. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with giving a cookbook as a gift.

Total Wine & More Gift Card (Any Value)

total wine gift card

Speaking of gifts that you can never go wrong with! Y’all obviously know I’m a wine lover. And I am sure you have so many wine-loving women in your life that their drink of choice may not be clear. When in doubt, get a gift card that you know will go to use! I love my local Total Wine. As you saw from my Red Wine Popcorn post, I have a wine adviser named Fletcher, who helps me every week with new selections. If I ever have questions with some of my alcohol related posts I go to him, call him, email him, nag him you get the idea! But no matter how much I am popping in with a new recipe forming in my mind, or a hankering for a new vino, he gives me options for my recipe development and on what to try out. He even offered me the use of their wine tasting room for an upcoming YouTube video! How awesome is that for customer service?! Check them out here and buy a gift card online with free shipping over $100 here, Total Wine & More Gift Cards.

Savino Wine Saving Sytem


So more on the subject of wine. We were gifted this Savino Wine Saving System by my in-laws. This system preserves your opened wine for up to a week! That is perfect for the times when we are only in the mood for one glass. Or more likely, in this household, for the nights when one of us in out of town and the other one still wants to open a bottle of wine that will surely go unfinished! I love this since it’s dishwasher safe and fits in our fridge without any problem. I also use it frequently when we have white wine drinking guests since we are mostly red wine drinkers ourselves. This gives me a way to store and cook with the leftover white wine over the course of the week while still enjoying a glass here or there. If you’re looking for a splurge item, I would consider:


Mother & Daughter Matching Apron Set


When I posted a similar set on my A Baker’s Tool Guide, it sold out fast! Here is another set that is adorable for Mom and her little baker. I have little aprons for Bea and Tilly, which are so cute and help contain some of the mess of cooking together!

Bamboo Cheese Board


For Mom’s who love to entertain, this Cheese Board is large with grooved edges to hold crackers in place, even while transporting, and a built in drawer for the knife set. It could easily double as a coffee table tray for wine glasses and more.

Fuzzy Pink Wine Socks


“If you Can Ready This/ Bring me Some Wine”, one of my favorite gift idea on my Mother’s Day Gift Guide! My feet are always cold. And I always want wine! So I adore these socks! Plus, they’re pink, so they go with all hundred of those T-shirts…! And they come in a cute little sack ready for gifting.

A Weekend Getaway to Napa Valley…

Oh, sorry, that was a not-so subliminal message for Grant! Haha!

Jenny Present Proud Mama Necklace – $92

jenny present proud mama necklace

As you all of have seen in my videos and personal photos, I wear the above necklace (With Matilda & Beatrice though) almost daily. Jenny Present is a local St. Louis jewelry maker, and her pieces have been featured in tons of national media, and worn by some of the biggest celebrities. Many imitate her, but her pieces are intricate, delicate, stunning, and heartwarming. This is another item I get complimented on all the time. This is my favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding rings, so of course it is a must for any Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Check her out here, Jenny Present

Handmade Goody Basket

Get a decorative picnic basket like this and put your own touch into this. Is she a baker? Add in some useful tools like silicon spatulas, new cupcake pans, a new cookbook she wants, just any variety of sweet tools and kitchen items you can think of, etc. If you want some ideas, check out some of my earlier gift guides or feel free to contact me with any personal suggestions I can help you with!

“Bakers Gonna Bake” Wall Art

This is such such cute art for any kitchen! I have another T-shirt (shockingly not pink!) with this phrase on it, and this phrase is perfect for any baker you know!

Homemade Treat

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I love when Grant and the girls make me something like chocolate covered strawberries or cupcakes. They have so much fun together cooking in the kitchen and decorating. Then we all get to enjoy the delicious treats together! Check out one of my earlier video demonstrations, How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries VIDEO if you need a quick guide. Most people love chocolate covered strawberries so much that they spend a fortune getting these shipped during the holidays. These are actually a breeze to make and they’re quite inexpensive to do at home. Another fun recipe for kids is, Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate Drizzle. Unlike the other items on this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, it will cost you nothing but a few dollars for ingredients. The rest of the labor is all free! And so much fun!

Cozy Robe, Ugg

I love Ugg robes and slippers. And I love being cozy, so I cozy and stylish robes are always a fun way to pamper someone! Note that prices styles, colors, and sizes vary based on where you buy one. This is just an example of one I like, but go for her taste in clothes! Ugg is sold at tons of department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, and more. They also have outlet locations.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed this ritzy Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Have a Happy Mother’s Day celebrating all the Moms you love, and being celebrated if you’re the Mom! Check out my other gift guides for extra ideas, cool kitchen tools, and more!