Homemade Rolled Ice Cream

homemade rolled ice cream

I’m loving all of the fun ice cream trends going viral lately! Stretchy Salep Ice Cream and this Thai Style Rolled Ice Cream are two of the most popular ice cream styles making the internet and Instagram so much cooler. After making my video demonstration for mint chip homemade rolled ice cream I got a few emails asking me to do a printable recipe as well.

Thai style rolled ice cream takes only a few ingredients and is so easy to make. You need a some special and inexpensive tools to make your own homemade rolled ice cream.

Prep time takes five minutes and the freezing time is about 4-5 hours. Note that you want the ice cream to be completely frozen or it will melt and flop and be difficult to roll up.

Let’s roll!

What Is Rolled Ice Cream?

Rolled ice cream originated in Thailand in 2009. It goes by stir fried ice cream and “ice pan” ice cream. It has spread globally over the years and became a viral sensation in the US in 2015.

Now rolled ice cream shops are popping up in cities across America. In these shops they use a steel plate that is chilled below zero. Ingredients are poured onto the plate and mixed cup with add ins like candy and fruit.

Find out more at, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stir-fried_ice_cream.

Since these steel plates cost a ton, as you can see below, and rumor has it that there are hour long lines to get into these new ice cream shops, I’m going to let you in on an inexpensive way to make your own homemade rolled ice cream!

How To Make Homemade Rolled Ice Cream

The special equipment you need to make rolled ice cream:


Putty Knife 

Half Sheet Pan

Metal Food Tongs Non-Slip Grip

First, you will put your condensed milk, heavy cream, and any extracts (like vanilla or peppermint) into a blender. Do not whip or over-mix as you want the texture to be creamy and not filled with extra air. You can pulse up the mixture a few times or blend on low.

Second, pour the rolled ice cream mixture onto a metal baking sheet.

Third, sprinkle on the toppings you wish to use. For my mint chip version, this is the stage I added the mini chocolate chips.

Fourth, give it a quick mix.

Fifth, put the rolled ice cream into the freezer for approximately 5 hours. Put your paint scraper and bowl in the freezer as well. Rolled ice cream melts so fast that you want it to stand up to the rolling and serving part.

Rolling Rolled Ice Cream

Ready, Set, ROLLl!

I found the best way to get rolled ice cream to roll properly was to cut it into long strips prior to rolling.

Use the width of your paint scraper to guide you on the width of the strips. Then just use your paint scraper to start rolling. Just be quick and steady. Homemade rolled ice cream melts quickly!

Once rolled, use a pair of thongs to move the rolled ice cream into bowls. Eat immediately!

Homemade rolled ice cream is so much fun to make and is such a unique crowd pleaser!

Watch my DIY Rolled Ice Cream video for tips on how to make this homemade rolled ice cream from start to finish. And if you stay for the end, you can see how not to roll with all the bloopers!

After chilling with your rolled ice cream, warm up with another Pop culture trend sweeping Your insta feed, my purple moon milk!

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Homemade Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream, “stir-fried” ice cream is a trendy global phenomenon. Here’s how to make rolled ice cream at home!


  • 1 Can Sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 Cups Heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Teaspoons Extract Like peppermint or vanilla
  • 1/2 Cup Mini chocolate chips Or sprinkles


  1. Use a blender to mix cream, condensed milk, and extract. 

    Then pour onto a baking sheet. 

    Sprinkle on candy or fruit. Give a mix. 

    Freeze for 4/5 hours. 

    Put paint scraper & bowl in freezer as well. 

    Then move quickly to roll ice cream at a 45 degree angle. Do make a cut of strips to make rolling easier. 

Tools For Making Rolled Ice Cream

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