Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

I love when you all send me requests for recipes through this blog and my Instagram! I got a few questions about what some of my favorite healthy recipes are? What is our lifestyle like? What do we eat for breakfast? Keep those questions coming! This Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl is for all of your colorful and charismatic people who wanted a peek into our everyday life and a fun recipe that goes with it!

While each evening, Grant and I do finish off the day with a homemade dessert and wine, we live a very active lifestyle. With two young children, we need energy to keep up with them. So every morning, we start our day with a smoothie or a smoothie bowl. I find this is the best way to get that first burst of natural energy and nutrients. This gets me going in the morning without any jitters or mid-afternoon crashing. Furthermore, this is the best way for me to get a bunch of fruits and veggies in first thing in the morning in case I miss out on some of those servings throughout the day.

This Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl is vegan, however, I will give you some options to switch that up with greek yogurt, if desired, in the notes of the recipe. My husband leans towards a mostly vegetarian diet, and takes days where he is completely plant-based. So I have a bunch of fruit and vegetable forward recipes that I alternate in throughout the week for the days we want to switch things up.

Dragon Fruit

Let’s talk about the exotic and tropical dragon fruit. According to https://www.healthline.com, Dragon Fruits are fruits that are grown on a cactus called the Honolulu Queen, whose flowers only open at night. These fruits have skin that resembles the skin of dragons. The dragon fruit I used for this Dragon Fruit Smoothie bowl had bright pink flesh, however, another common variety has white and black flesh. There is also a yellow fleshed Dragon Fruit that I have yet to try.

Dragon Fruit has a mild flavor that is similar to kiwi. When used in baking, this flavor can easily be overpowered. This Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl allows the dragon fruit to be the star of the bowl, so the flavor comes right through while being further enhanced with only minimal ingredients.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

As you can see, this is a hot pink, attention grabbing, bold smoothie bowl! I live for ingredients that give natural hues like this! This bright pink juice of the dragon fruit is spectacular as a natural food coloring for cakes and frostings. Adding color and vibrancy (without food coloring) is a wonderful way to get your kids excited about food. And since the flavor is so mild, adding that pop of color won’t drastically change the flavors of a cake. The girls love pink, of course, so they were over the moon for this Dragon fruit Smoothie Bowl. In fact, at the store, they each held one of the fresh Dragon fruits throughout the entire shopping trip! They could not wait to dig in!

Let’s get energetic!

Step 1

The first step is a vital one. You want to cut up your Dragon fruit(s) and a banana into chunks.

how to make a dragonfruit smoothie bowl

Then you will place the fruit into freezer bag and freeze it until it’s ready to use, a few hours or overnight. Important Note: Try not to get all of your fruit clumped together, if possible. This leads to a tough blending process! Try to arrange them in a single layer into a big freezer bag. Then just place it into freezer laying down. That way, you will have single pieces, or at least pieces of fruit that can be broken up easier than if in a huge frozen mass.

Step 2

Once your fruit has been frozen, the next step for your Dragon fruit Smoothie bowl is to get all of your ingredients ready. As you can see, this has minimal ingredients and you can use the toppings of your choice. Granola is a must for any smoothie bowl, and I used my Raisin and Pecan Granola. Not pictured is the optional protein powder. Since we were sharing this smoothie bowl with the kids, we used protein nut milk and skipped the protein powder.

Ingredients for Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

Step 3

Then you will add your frozen Dragon fruit and Bananas into a Vitamix. Blend it up with your almond milk or yogurt, going up to medium high speed as needed.  If adding protein powder, add it in as well.

This color got all the oohs and ahhs you would expect from two girls who love pink!

Step 4:

Pour your Dragon fruit Smoothie Bowls out and arrange your toppings in any decorative way you can imagine. Tag me on Instagram in the photos of your own Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowls!

Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

Tools for This Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

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