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Welcome to Ritzy Mom!

I am Sarita Gelner. I currently reside in St. Louis, MO with my first, only, and favorite husband, Grant! I also have the daily joy of being a stay at home Mom to our hilarious toddler girls and our adored rescue dog.

Grant and Sarita Gelner

This food blog is a way for me to combine my love of food, cocktails, humor, and writing all into one fun hobby that I can’t get enough of! Check out my YouTube Channel for all that humor and for some real fun with food! Sarita Gelner’s Recipe Videos.

My love of cooking started early. Mother immigrated from Sri Lanka decades ago, and quickly became known for her authentic cuisine. She was even featured in a local St. Louis newspaper! You will see me cooking alongside of her when I was a toddler. See the top right of the newspaper clipping below for the curly haired sous chef!

St. Louis Globe Democrat Sri Lanka cuisine

Cooking with my Mother has been a lifelong joy and an activity that I now do with my own two girls. I have always been interested in the story behind ingredients and what makes dishes unique. My goal is to get you excited about cooking and be inspired to learn about and use the ingredients that bring food to life!


This love of cooking with my girls along with my obsession with food and drinks became the basis for this blog. Ritzy Mom was created in August of 2017.

The name Ritzy Mom is a nickname that my family gave me as a joke, so it was only fitting that it became the name of this blog! My lifestyle blog is a way to share my experiences, the latest trends and things I enjoy, and all else that makes my Ritzy Mom life a beautiful compilation of love, adventure, laughter, sweet treats, and wine, lots of lovely wine!

Thank you for joining me!

Cheers and Enjoy!

Sarita Gelner


My New Cookbook Is Out Now! https://amzn.to/2NBKlaV


Appearance on The McGraw Milhaven Show 3/14/2018!

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