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I was on The McGraw Show with Kelly Jackson/ KTRS 550 St. Louis on Wednesday, March 14th at 8:30 AM! Be sure to check out that recording here, Sarita Gelner “Ritzy Mom” on KTRS VIDEO!

What’s Trending NOW!

“Man of The Woods” – Justin Timberlake French Toast

Justin Timberlake is my favorite “Man of The Woods”! He also loves Almond Butter and Bananas! So of course this inspired me to make an elevated, woods worthy mashup for JT’s fans and any glamping lovers! Find the full recipe tutorial on my YouTube Channel!



‘Tomb Raider’: Lara Croft Martini

Now that ‘Tomb Raider’ is out in theaters I’ve gotten into the action! And wow, there’s a lot of action! That Lara Croft needs to unwind with my latest inspired creation! This Cucumber Lime Martini will give that girl the break she needs! Find the full video here – TOMB RAIDER LARA CROFT MARTINI VIDEO!

‘Black Panther’ Inspired Truffles

The Nation of Wakanda, from the glorious ‘Black Panther’ is rich in wealth, culture, and beauty! ‘These Black Panther’ Inspired chocolate truffles are made for the sleek, sexy, advanced Wakandans. In my latest pop culture food mashup, I’ll give you a step-by-step and in-depth demonstration on how to make these rich, decadent chocolate ganache truffles! Check it out here- ‘Black Panther’ Wakanda Style Truffles – VIDEO

‘American Idol” Inspired Cotton Candy

This pop culture food mashup was inspired by the bright, colorful, sweet energy of Katy Perry and American Idol! I have created blue peppermint Cotton candy that is formed into a microphone! Check it out here – American Idol/ Katy Perry Cotton Candy VIDEO!

How to Make Cotton Candy

ABC’s The Bachelor Finale

Hey Bachelor & Bachelorette Lovers! These Rose Champagne Cupcakes were inspired by the Roses of one of my favorite shows! Check out this clip to see what fun you’re in for, then head on over to the whole video here – The Bachelor Final ROSE CUPCAKES!

The Oscars 2018

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and Easter is on the way. And, The Oscars 2018 is almost here! This week, my YouTube Channel will be trending with food you should be making for your Oscar Parties!

To kick things off, I have created some inspired dishes that are perfect for the drama, mystery, and glamour that surrounds the Oscar Nominated Films. First off, JELL-O Shots! But wait, these aren’t just any Jell-O shots! You can’t have true Hollywood style without a little alcohol, mystery, and of course, KALE! Take a peek below at what’s happening!

Newest: Check out a clip from the latest! This White Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Mousse was inspired by the Oscar Nominated Movie, “Get Out”! And they are served in teacups, of course! Find the full recipe video here – White Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Mousse.







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