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Here’s what’s trending NOW! This page is dedicated to what’s currently trending on My YouTube Channel. My YouTube Channel focuses on giving you recipe demonstrations for all of the TV/Movie/Pop Culture inspired recipes I create.

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Han Solo Sidecar

Solo A Star Wars Story is coming to theaters! So Han Solo needed an inspired treat! HAN SOLO SIDECAR VIDEO


Who else can’t get enough about our Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle?! Here’s her favorite drink, the Negroni, but with a Royal twist! MEGHAN MARKLE NEGRONI VIDEO

Westworld Themed Whiskey Cocktail

Since Westworld and whiskey just goes together, I created a twist on an old fashioned! So even non-whiskey drinkers, get ready to have your first love of a whiskey cocktail! Check out the full video demonstration on my channel, and a clip here.

Lemon Elderflower Martini

I was so inspired by the flavors of my Lemon Elderflower Cake that I had to make a signature drink that would be perfect for Spring, wedding season, and of course, the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry! This was hands down THE BEST MARTINI EVER! Take a look at the post and YouTube video! Lemon Elderflower Martini

Handmaid’s Tale Honey Oat Quick Bread

Ok, so this was as far out as the show that inspired the bread, The Handmaid’s Tale! Ha! I had a lot of fun and laughs making this one. What surprised me the most was that kneading the bread dough by hand actually created a better bread! It’s a good workout too! Honey Oat Quick Bread


Santa Clarita Diet Blood Orange Smoothie 

My newest recipe demonstration was a bloody good time! I whipped up a batch of fake blood and went to work! Here’s a clip, and then go here- Blood Orange Smoothie VIDEO -to check out the full recipe demo for my, Blood Orange Smoothie

“Man of The Woods” – Justin Timberlake French Toast

Justin Timberlake is my favorite “Man of The Woods”! He also loves Almond Butter and Bananas! So of course this inspired me to make an elevated, woods worthy mashup for JT’s fans and any glamping lovers! Find the full recipe tutorial on my YouTube Channel!


‘Tomb Raider’: Lara Croft Martini

Now that ‘Tomb Raider’ is out in theaters I’ve gotten into the action! And wow, there’s a lot of action! That Lara Croft needs to unwind with my latest inspired creation! This Cucumber Lime Martini will give that girl the break she needs! Find the full video here – TOMB RAIDER LARA CROFT MARTINI VIDEO!

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