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Here’s what’s trending NOW! This page is dedicated to what’s currently trending on My YouTube Channel. My YouTube Channel focuses on giving you recipe demonstrations for all of the TV/Movie/Pop Culture inspired recipes I create.

Each week this page will let you know what is brand new on my YouTube Channel, so make sure to check it out here –

Sarita Gelner’s YouTube Channel!

  • Have a request for a pop culture food mashup you want to see next? Send me a note of your favorite trending topic, and if your idea is chosen, you get a shout out!
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Stretchy Chocolate Booza!

Stretchy ice cream is all the rage! So I made another flavor- chocolate!

  • Thai Rolled Ice Cream

  • Rolled ice cream is one of the hottest food trends! So I have an easy homemade version that’s a mint chocolate chip roll!
  • Rolled Ice Cream Recipe Video
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 Bat Cookies

    These Oreo bat cookies are adorable and take less than a minute! Super easy and perfect for any vampire themed party!

    Ant-Man Cake

    This Ant Hill cake is the coolest! It looks just like an AntHill! Think shortbread cookies soaked in Dulce de Leche for a Russian dessert that’s awesome!

    Check out more of the fun on my channel, Cooking Up Pop Culture!

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