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Moon Milk

Moon Milk

Moon Milk is a soothing and pretty night drink said to reduce stress. This has freeze dried blueberries for purple color, warm spices, and ashwagandha. 

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Servings 1 cup



  1. In a saucepan over low heat, bring milk to simmer. 

    Then add in the rest of ingredients and whisk. 

    Allow to heat for a couple of minutes. Then remove and pour mixture into a blender. 

    Blend until foamy and mixed, 

    Pour into a mug.

    Garnish, if desired.

    Drink before bedtime.

Recipe Notes

You can use any milk or sweetener of your preference.

If you use raw honey instead of maple syrup, add it after you remove mixture from heat so it won't kill the benefits of the honey.

In place of ghee, try raw cocoa butter or coconut butter