Bea Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies! Video

In this fun video, my three year old, Bea, gives you a tutorial on how to bake Chocolate Chip cookies! This goes along with my recipe for chocolate chip cookies. That recipe is linked at the bottom of this post. Bea used my KitchenAid for this adorable video tutorial.

Baking with kids is so much fun! They learn skills such as math (measuring), science (how all ingredients go together), and so much more. A great impact that baking with my kids has had is the increase in focus. They’ve truly developed a great love for cooking. We have bonded through the experiences and this blog is for their reference one day, so they will have all of my recipes and some of my incredible memories with them all in one place.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is baking with my girls. They truly enjoy it.

I hope that you find humor, joy, tips, and enjoyment from this video tutorial on how to bake chocolate chip cookies!

Note: I have updated this post to include this note after emails asking me about Bea’s song! The song that Bea begins singing is from the movie Sing!

Bea Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies Video on Youtube

Thanks for watching Bea’s video tutorial!

Here is the chocolate chip cookie recipe Bea used!


We hope you enjoyed Bea’s first baking video!

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